Curtains & Blinds

What The Difference Is Between Curtains & Blinds

Having a great window treatment is part of interior home décor. The window treatment not only serves as a way to shield you from a lot of light but also help to maintain your privacy. Curtains and blinds are one of the most common window treatments. Whenever you choose a window treatment, you need to think of your style and décor. Curtains easily go with your décor since you can pick any colour, fabric, texture and pattern that matches your home. Blinds, on the other hand, come with a solid plain colour, but they are more effective in blocking the light.

1. Curtains
Curtains are made from a fabric material, and they sometimes come in pairs. Most curtains are made from solid colours, but there are some who come patterned or floral. Curtains come in different widths and sizes, unlike the drapes which are only long and often reach the floor. Most curtains are made from a sheer material that does not block out all the light, and they are often put over blinds or shade.
People prefer having a curtain around the kitchen windows since you can get a short curtain that does not touch the window. Curtains are hung on a rod using some metal rings, metal grommets or a fabric sleeve to ensure that they are in place. However, curtains allow light to sip in through, and if you love taking a nap during the day, the curtains might hinder that.

2. Blinds
Blinds are window treatments made from wood, vinyl slats, bamboo, and aluminium. They are great window treatment when it comes to blocking the light, and they work well as compared to curtains. However, most people don’t prefer blinds in the living room because they are not a gorgeous site to look at. Although, they work better than the curtains people prefer them in the bedroom. Most of the blinds lift up and down, but some fewer new models can be drawn from side to side.
The blinds are made in such a way that they can tilt to let in light without lifting them all the way up; this allows you to have privacy. Blinds are made in different colours, but they are not patterned, they are also made from different wood tones. Since blinds block the light better, they are usually used together with a curtain for a more formal look and to blend in with your interior home décor.

When you choose your window treatment to ensure that it matches your style and it is efficient. You can use either a curtain to block the light or a drape depending on what you prefer. Visit the showroom at Spectrum Curtains & Blinds to view their range.