Test And Tag Services

Importance Of Test And Tag Services To Businesses

Test and tag is a vital element of electrical safety. Despite this, confusions over its significance have raised controversies over its effective application. While it is truly an essential element of a complete electrical safety management system throughout the life cycle of all business, others view it as only important in construction sites. However, the fact remains that test and tag is essential for every business. It helps to minimize potential electrical risks such as fire hazards, shocks and injuries.

Test and tag service
Test and tag service consists of processes where qualified technicians use specialized instruments to carry out electrical testing and inspection. The electrical testing and inspection activities are directed to electrical appliances in use to ensure personal safety. The primary objective is to determine whether a device is electrically secure for personal use. Typically, the technicians inspect an electrical device for defects such as missing components or damage. Additionally, several electrical tests are conducted to measure polarity, insulation resistance and earth continuity. The device is inspected, tested and labeled (tagged) at regular intervals. A record of the tests is afterwards kept as part of your general Occupational Health and Safety risk management documentation.

Importance of test and tag in businesses
Test and tag is central to workplace safety as it ensures that fire risks are effectively mitigated. It therefore guarantees the safety of the management, staff, customers and public. It is also a protective mechanism against litigation, since it prevents managers from being fined or jailed due to violations of organizational health and safety regulations. Besides keeping your business insurance premiums low, test and tag ensures that your insurance is not annulled for failing to comply with the relevant laws.

Test and tag service also ensures that your business’ electrical assets are closely monitored for faults. The process assists in asset management and equipment maintenance. Test and tag is a strategy that minimizes the dangers caused by electrical shock, injuries and fire hazards to employees. Hence, whether you run a factory, kitchen, retail store and construction site, electrical safety is essential. Since the management is accountable for workplace safety, it is crucial to have a documented risk assessment approach in place, which relates to evaluating the risks posed by portable electrical devices.

Employers should focus on environments that are hostile to electrical equipment. Hostile environments may expose electrical appliances to damage from dust, vibration, heat, corrosive chemicals, moisture and physical abuse. Overall, test and tag is a powerful strategy for minimizing risks of electrical fires and shocks.