Window Repair Services

Not many people realise that a cracked window doesn’t have to spell the end of its functionality. Even panes that experience multiple chips and splits can be repaired – especially when hiring window repair services that specialise in the reparations of these types of events. Glass might be one of the most fragile materials available – but because of modern techniques and practices, it can now be reinforced in many ways, making it as strong as certain types of wood pound for pound.

With that being said, it’s certainly not impervious to damage – and even tempered glass can suffer over time (or when exposed to the wrong types of pressure).

When are repairs an option?

This will typically depend on the type of glass in question, as well as the damage that it has sustained and the skills of the glazier that’s been hired to take care of the repair. Generally speaking, cracks, chips and splits can be repaired by using advanced adhesives that are made using high-strength resins that catalyse when introduced to the air.

Most of these resin adhesives also dry clear, allowing them to be buffed to match the appearance of the glass. There are also options to stain the adhesive ahead of time, allowing it to be used to repair stained glass windows and other similarly coloured panes of glass. There can be times when repairs can’t take place however, and most of these instances relate to severe cracks, or when glass shatters into many pieces.

Most glaziers will recommend using laminated glass, especially within modern double glazing to be used within new builds. The lamination might not prevent the window from suffering with catastrophic damage – but it can certainly reduce the need to worry about shattering should the worst occur.

In most other instances however, resin adhesive can be used (as can heat) if a particular panel has suffered with warping.